MI-SCC urges House to pass SB59

by Reid K Smith on December 13, 2012

Update: Governor Snyder vetoed SB59 on December 18th. We find Governor Snyder’s decision to preserve “gun free” zones – areas in which only criminals are permitted to carry concealed firearms – reprehensible and deserving of your scorn. Please let Gov. Snyder know how you feel

On Wednesday, SB59 passed its House Committee, as we expected. It now awaits a vote on the House floor. With Thursday shaping up to be the last day of the legislative session, we have only one more day to urge our Representatives to pass SB59. Tomorrow morning, Representatives will receive a copy of the following letter. Rest assured, Michigan SCC is fighting for your rights in Lansing. (Click here to see the version sent to State Reps).



I write to you today on behalf of Michigan Students for Concealed Carry in support of immediate action on SB59.

Michigan Students for Concealed Carry maintains active chapters at most major Michigan universities, including Michigan State, Western Michigan, Wayne State, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, and Grand Valley State University. We believe that responsible, law-abiding citizens stay responsible when they cross the boundary onto a college campus – or any other “pistol free” zone.

Our membership is composed primarily of students, parents, and faculty members. I’m sure that many of you have heard from them over the last several days. SB59 represents an enormous step in the right direction. For us, this isn’t about politics – it’s about far more important things. Our members desperately want to see the end of state-imposed “pistol free” zones that disarm the ‘good guys’ and provide a defense-free environment for the ‘bad guys’.

Over the last nine months, I’ve been eagerly asked by countless members how close I believe SB59 is to becoming law. When we share updates with our 800+ members on Facebook, we get countless ‘likes’ and support for SB59. Not one of our members has expressed any reservations towards the bill. Not only do they support the elimination of “pistol free” zones, they believe the extra training requirement strengthens their argument that CPL-holders are safe. They support the elimination of gun boards, and they support the countless other positive changes that the bill makes to CPL law.

Our members are informed, and they know that we’ve nearly succeeded in our five-year struggle to legalize self-defense on college campuses. I have never seen our members respond so positively, and in such large numbers, as they have to SB59. They want this bill to pass, and they will forever appreciate those that aid the bill in becoming law.

To Michigan Students for Concealed Carry, the successful passage of SB59 would mean we’re one step closer to making college campuses (and commutes) as safe as the rest of the State. We respectfully urge you to bring SB59 to a YES vote, and will be forever in the debt of those that choose to do so.

Most Sincerely,

Reid K Smith
State Director, Michigan Students for Concealed Carry

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