SB59 successfully passes committee – one step closer to Campus Carry

by Reid K Smith on March 22, 2012

Update: SB59 passed the House on December 13th. Having already passed the Senate, the bill was enrolled by the Senate and sent to Governor Snyder for his signature. However, Governor Snyder vetoed SB59 on December 18th. We find Governor Snyder’s decision to preserve “gun free” zones – areas in which only criminals are permitted to carry concealed firearms – reprehensible and deserving of your scorn. Please let Gov. Snyder know how you feelYou can read a full summary of the final bill on our Complete Guide to SB59 post

We’ve got great news to report – this morning, Senate Bill 59 successfully passed the Senate’s Natural Resources committee (5-1) and was referred favorably to the Senate Floor, where we hope it will be voted on within a week. You can read the full story on SB59 here, but the short version is that this bill will create a “shall-issue” exemption from Pistol Free Zones (PFZs) for any CPL-holder that completes an additional 9 hours of training. In other words – college classrooms and dorms will no longer be off-limits for law-abiding CPL-holders. Clearly, the truth that we’ve been spreading for the last five years has finally reached the ears of the State Legislature – so-called “Pistol Free” Zones are only obeyed by those citizens who obey the law – and they’re ones we don’t need to worry about.

Michigan SCC has been fighting for this day for five years. This is the first time that any of the many bills proposed to remove campus classrooms and dorms from the list of Pistol Free Zones has been favorably referred by committee to the House or Senate floor. We expect the bill to pass the Senate; at that point, it will be referred to the House, where a similar process will unfold. As always, we’ll keep you posted.

At this time, your best course of action is to write your Senator (see our page for tips on contacting your Senator) and express your support for the bill. Point out that you support allowing CPL-holders with increased training to carry in Pistol Free Zones. If you’re a student or otherwise affected by Pistol Free Zones, you should briefly share your personal story, (here’s a good example of such an email). Finally, tell your Senator that you’ll remember and appreciate their support of gun owners come election time. As always, it doesn’t hurt to mention your support of Michigan Students for Concealed Carry. When you’re done with that, share this story on Facebook or Twitter and email  all of your fellow gun owners and ask them to do the same (get a short link here).

SB59′s sponsor, Senator Mike Green, and his staff deserve a thank you from each and every one of us. Senator Green and his staff worked tirelessly to ensure this bill passed committee – and their work isn’t done yet. Contact Senator Green here to send him a well-deserved thank you. Additionally, Senator Tom Casperson, Senator Phil Pavlov, Senator Mike Kowall, and Senator Arlan B. Meekhof all deserve your thanks for their “yes” votes on SB59. Contact all of these Senators to let them know that their support will be remembered by you and your fellow gun owners.

Stay tuned for more updates!

  • Ron04

     Here is the ULTIMATE in irony – MICHIGAN has a law very similar to
    Florida – it was passed by a bi-partisan effort in 2006 and signed by
    then Governor Granholm – a DEMOCRAT who NOW has a TV show where she has
    been seen wearing a hoodie in support of Trayvon Martin, all the while
    blaming the REPUBLICANS for ” laws like these…..”.  Not only is she a
    hypocrite but one with a very short and very SELECTIVE memory.  Pass all
    the laws and restrictions you want – CRIMINALS don’t obey laws.  That’s
    why they’re CRIMINALS. 

    Congrats on SB59 – let’s get it SIGNED and IMPLEMENTED!

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